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The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide - Our favorite treats and gifts from around the farmer's market

The best part of the having a gourmet cookie business is enjoying smiles - the smiles of customers at farmers markets as they taste our new and wonderful treats. It's also the smiles of little children as they yell "Cookie Monster!!" when they see the little cookie monster toy in our booth. And even still, it's the smile on my own face as I meet other great vendors - discovering the new and wonderful products they offer!

So now it's my newest pleasure to share some of my personal farmers market and home town favorites with you. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!


Michael Pinckney, Cookie Monster

Michael Pinckney, Cookie Monster

Welcome to the Pinckney Cookie Cafe 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

At Pinckney Cookie Cafe we know that integrity and good taste are like baking cookies: everyone - every ingredient - who sticks together rises together. Like dough!

So, to spread the holiday love, we’ve created a special gift guide for you to enjoy. We've partnered with many of our favorite vendors to offer discounts to Pinckney Cookie Café customers (and we're offering a discount too!). Just use the coupon code michaelsentme where applicable.

And so, without further ado, try the tasty treats of Pinckney & Friends below!



Middle Fork Roasters

Their Tough as Nails Blend is my favorite coffee on the planet! I met Middle Fork Roasters demoing at Whole Foods years ago when both of our companies were in their infancy. We've been trading cookies and coffee ever since, and it's been wonderful getting to know them!

Try Tough as Nails and their other inspired indulgences. Use coupon code michaelsentme to save 15%.

Middle Fork Roasters - Tough as Nails Blend


Shen Zen Tea

Shen Zen Tea - Ginger Snap BlackI've enjoyed trading and collaborating with James, Shen Zen Tea's owner, for years. I appreciate his character and friendship as much as his delightful selection of fine teas. Shen Zen Tea is one of the few farm to teapot companies when it comes to artisanal tea blending. 

Give the gift of tea to cozy up your loved ones this winter season. Cookies and teas go hand in hand." Use coupon code michaelsentme to save 15% on teas.

Shen Zen Tea - Ginger Snap Black



Ayako and Family

Ayako and Family Jam Bottles

I had the good fortune of meeting this charming family business at last year's Gobble Up event. Alessandra makes the best jam I’ve ever had in my life by far! Their heirloom Japanese plums are not only unique but incredibly delicious. (They also sell grilled slices of special Japanese Shokupan bread with butter and jam at farmers markets too!)

Enjoy their wide selection of jams and gifts and use coupon code michaelsentme to save 15%.

Ayako and Family - 3 Jams




Karmela Botanica

Karmela Botanica Products Display

Enjoy exquisite handcrafted soaps, scents, body products, and candles by my friend Karma (Not for eating! :-), a longtime buddy of mine from the Ballard Farmers Market. I'm still trying to figure out which soap I like best!

Check out the wide selection in her online store!

Karmela Botanica Market Display






Jonboy Caramels

This is some serious caramel goodness. I’ve known these caramels (ahem, I mean, team of talented people :-) for nearly as long as they’ve been in existence - namely since when we met at Whole Foods doing demos. The Caramel Sauce is actually my favorite creation of theirs!

Visit their other sweet selections and use coupon code michaelsentme to save 15%!

Jonboy Caramels - Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce




Marge Granola

Marge Granola Apple

I met Marge Granola at the Ballard and Wallingford Farmers Markets and fell in love with their super hearty and wholesome granola. My favorite is the Sliced Apple Pecan but I've truly enjoyed every one that I've tried!

Visit their online store and use coupon code michaelsentme to save 15%!

Marge Granola - Sliced Apple Pecan




indi chocolate

indi chocolate cacao and vanilla infusion
I stumbled upon indi chocolate visiting another farmers market vendor at Pike Place Market and was very impressed, both with their highly unusual chocolate combinations, and their inspiring origin story. But what I really want to try are their Cacao Infusions.

You likely won’t see their curious concoctions anywhere else. Use coupon code michaelsentme to save 15%!

indi chocolate - cacao infusion




San Jan Island Sea Salt

The newest member of my favorite vendors club! I love supporting local vendors and was delighted to have a local supplier of salt. What a great surprise it was to learn about their superior process and the delicious salt it produces!

Enjoy their large selection of salts and  gift sets, and use coupon code michaelsentme to save 15%.

San Juan Island Sea Salt - Natural Salt



Lady Yum

Lady Yum - Macrons and Mischief Collection

I go way back with Lady Yum! We first met when she leased space in the same kitchen facility as me. She's been a great friend, and full disclosure here, a supporter of my business ever since. She also makes a mean macaron!

Enjoy the most popular macarons in Seattle, and use coupon code michaelsentme to save 15%.

Lady Yum - Macarons and Mischief Collection



Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

DARK DECADENCE 6-PACKHot Cakes started in the Ballard Farmers Market, yet I discovered their rich creations after they moved into their own store in downtown Ballard. Their gooey molten cakes are some of my special market day treats, just as my cookies are for many of their staff!

These delectable confections make wonderful gifts. Check out their delicious collection, and don't forget the sauce!

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery - Dark Decadence 6-Pack


Pinckney Cookie Cafe

Don’t forget! We have absolutely delicious cookie gifts that make decadent gifting easy! Our Personalized Cookie Gifts are sure to be loved - after all, festively wrapped with your personal message, they are the most, well, 'personal'. And we're the only place you'll find Miracle Cookies, which are gluten-free, vegan and delicious! 

Use coupon code michaelsentme at checkout to save 15%!

Pinckney Cookie Cafe - Pinckney Dozen


All the best - and only the best! - to and for you, my friends!
Cheers, Happy Holidays, and All the Cookie Love From
~ Michael Pinckney & Team ~