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About us

Pinckney Cookie Café was born in 2009 from one man’s creativity and passion. Bolstered by the unrelenting enthusiasm and encouragement of friends, family and collaborators, our founder Michael Pinckney began the journey you see today!

Founder holding tray of cookies

Yet it was during the much earlier stages and in his youth in Great Neck, New York that Michael discovered the magic and power of baking fresh cookies. While adulthood led him through several adventures and career stages (finance, sales, consulting, technology and management), his pursuit of the perfect chocolate chip cookie with the best ingredients remained constant while his personal recipes evolved. And when he became a parent, Michael discovered a captive audience of discriminating taste testers for new flavor combinations.

Still, the marketplace played its part as well. “It's really tough to find a truly satisfying, top-notch cookie, and near impossible at 11 p.m., even in most cities,” Michael explains. As you’ve seen on our site here, his high standards include all natural decadent ingredients, no preservatives and gourmet chocolate - creations that last best in the refrigerator. Or for longer term storage, in the freezer! They also thaw quickly with all of their flavor and texture intact.


Based in Kirkland, WA, Pinckney Cookie Cafe is a community oriented and environmentally conscious company. We're passionate about building the kind of business that our neighbors are delighted to have next door. Moreover, we hope our model inspires our children and future generations to work for us too!

Sourcing all available ingredients locally, we consider the environment in everything we do. This includes composting, recycling, and using paper or biodegradable peanuts as well as recycled paper packaging.


We want to know you! You're the reason we exist. And, the best part of the cookie business is sharing our cookie love with you.

Please contact us with your comments, questions, kudos, complaints or suggestions.    


You can also visit us at farmers markets!

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Thanks for your support! We truly appreciate you.